*Prices are to/from Arugambay (one way) and its for the entire vehicle.

**Airport/Colombo to Arugambay route is via Southern Expressway -- Mattala -- Lunugamvehera -- Sella Kataragama -- Buttala Road, then Monaragala -- Siyambalanduwa -- Lahugala -- Pottuvil to reach Arugambay.​

Best time to leave Airport, Katunayake – 5am
From Arugambay – 2pm


On Arrival – Pottuvil Town to ArugamBay PodBay

On Departure – ArugamBay PodBay to Pottuvil Town

ArugamBay PodBay to Paper Moon Kudils and Arugambay Roccos

Please Request In Advance

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