ArugamBay PodBay is a vibrant and chic property extending from the main road to the beach. The novel concept features colourful and compact NapPods arranged symmetrically together in the front and HomePod and Bay rooms facing the WaterPod (swimming pool), AirPod (sea & beach).  The spacious restaurant is known as the PotPod.

The name ArugamBay PodBay was inspired by the famous quote ‘Open the Pod Bay doors HAL’ from the sci-fi movie ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ which is based on the book by Sir Arthur C Clarke and Apple’s invention of the iPod by Steve Jobs. This inspiration is reflected throughout the property.

The property extends from the main road to the beach and ocean. Embrace the relaxing ambience and mesmerising seascape as you unwind and immerse yourself in a bright sunny holiday. 

ArugamBay PodBay is a creation of BT Options partnered with Don Jayasuriya. BT Options, completely transformed the property under a new concept as well as management. ArugamBay PodBay is a sister property of the pioneering Paper Moon Kudils in Whisky Point and Arugambay Roccos.